The first Russian antidron-STUPOR (СТУПОР), production started in 2016.

The aim is to suppress remote-controlled aircraft and drones that are on the earth's surface and water. Transportation and control is performed by one person, special skills and experience are not required.

The complex suppression is applied to the maximum visual range of the operator (500m) .

Principle of the complex is electromagnetic and optical-electronic suppression based on the interruption of the control channels, data transmission and navigation. In addition, this complex is equipped with a laser emitter in the visible range, which allows to partially or completely disrupt the process of video played with a drone. (in case of coincidence of the Central regions of the recording with the direction to the operator).

The result of this antidrone is the failure of the flight task, the cessation of operator control, navigational disorientation and disruption of video/photo recording. In consequence of this dronestops moving (loses control), returns to the starting point of the route or landed in the safe mode on the site of action (the behavior of the drone depends on the model, the availability of the flight task). The drone regains its efficiency upon termination of the suppression and (or) their reboot. Material damage to the owner of the drone is not applied.

The system comprises: Клмплекс подавления STUPOR полный комплект Russian antidron-STUPOR

Case for transportation - 1 pcs

The power supply device from a network 220 V. (for stationary use) – 1 pcs.

Device power supply 12 V (for mobile application, power supply from car cigarette socket) – 1 pcs.

Charger - 1 pcs.

Переносной комплекс подавления БЛА STUPOR     STUPOR ружье-антидрон   ружье антидрон СТУПОР

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